Why The United States Is Destroying It 's Education System Essay

776 Words Oct 6th, 2015 4 Pages
In the article “ Why the United States Is Destroying It’s Education System,” the American journalist Chris Hedges goes into a broad view of what’s taking place in American schools, how teachers are treated like second class citizens, in addition to large business 's and what it’s doing to our schools. Does Hedges provide well enough thought out information and points to make for an article disagreeing against big business and standardized testing? Hedges presents a strong argument by stating business and religion need to stay out of the school system when it comes to teaching our children; however, Hedges fails to understand the importance of big business to future generations, and he undervalues the importance of standardized test to make sure students are excelling. Hedge’s paints a portrait of big business getting their hands in education, and in curriculum developments mentioning they know nothing about education and yet they have an enormous play in what happens to our learning process. He indicates many times that big business does not belong in schools “They seem to believe that students are something like plants where you just add water and place them in the sun of your teaching and everything blooms…this fantasy insults both students and adults.” (Hedges 3) He essentially is saying that Corporate America takes the people out of business, just like when you take students and teachers out of the equation we do not have much of anything left. Students…

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