Essay about Why The Minimum Wage Shouldn 't Be Raise?

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Over the past few years the Minimum Wage has become a controversial topic to people and politicians. As we all know people everywhere are talking about that we need to increase the minimum wage again. Some people don’t realize that increasing the minimum would have principal’s effects on low-wage workers. For instance, most low-wage workers would receive a higher pay that would increase their family income. Yet, some jobs for low-wage workers would probably be eliminated because raising the minimum wage takes away jobs from the low-skilled and young workers. In my opinion, the minimum wage would have a negative impact in employment, businesses and us the consumers. In this paper I plan to discuss why the minimum wage shouldn’t be raise? Also, as we look at the facts; is it worth raising the minimum wage? Firstly, once the minimum wage is raised, many businesses/companies would have to cut people’s hours or even fire a few employees. Some of the businesses would have to raise prices on whatever products or services they offer, in order to pay the employees more money. According to The Congressional Budget Office, “The increase in wage would reduce employment by 500,000. That amounts to about 0.3 percent of total employment, and about 3 percent of directly affected workers (500,000 of 16.5Million).” As this being stated many low-skilled workers would lose their jobs and cause a huge increase of unemployment. Also, The Congressional Budget Office, came up with an estimate of…

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