July Crisis 1914

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With reference to these sources and your understanding of the historical context, which of these sources is more valuable in explaining why the July crisis led to the outbreak of war in 1914?

Source A is an extract from the official ultimatum issued to Serbia by the Austrio-Hungarian government following the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the Austrian throne, on the 28nd of June 1914. As it is an official document direct from the Austro-Hungarian government, this means it is extremely important as it gives an insight into the mindsets of the Austrian government at the time. The tone is demanding, insistent, and uses formal language, which shows the government 's anger at the assassination, which was carried out by the Serbian terrorist group the 'Black Hand Gang ' that had a link to the government through
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This caused the determination for Pan-Slavism to grow within Serbia and the Balkans, which worried Austria-Hungry. Theirs was a multi-national empire, and if Pan-Slavism gained enough momentum, soon the nationalities within Austria-Hungary could begin to push for independence, effectively dissolving their Empire. This Slav nationalism grew especially following Austria 's annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where Serbia and their ally Russia were forced to back down. Many leading officials feared Serbia because of this, and within the Austrian government, there was great pressure to go to war with Serbia to eliminate the threat. The assassination was, effectively, an excuse for this war, hence the forceful and assertive tone of this ultimatum. The ultimatum was sent on the 22nd of July 1914, about a month after the assassination, showing that this was not an emotional reaction to the assassination, but instead was carefully drafted and thought

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