July Ultimatum Causes

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Many people view the July Ultimatum as one of the major causes of the war, but did it really lead to war? The July Ultimatum is a scripted documented with listed demands that was given to Serbia almost one month after the death of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophia. The Ultimatum was created for one reason, and one reason only, to take over Serbia with the rest of the world staying quiet. Although this did not go as planned due to the fact that the Ultimatum was almost impossible to accept causing further tension between the countries which was eventually going to lead to a war, either it be a world war or a local war. Tension can cause many problems for countries trying to develop and at this time., such as Austria-Hungary who had the aid of Germany and this document was created in coordination with the German foreign office, which hoped the document would force a military conflict that was planned to end quickly without Russia ever getting involved. Russia is a big nation, and if Germany and Austria-Hungary could pull this off, they …show more content…
By 1914, everyone had figured out the lines and if Germany stood with Austria-Hungary then Russia’s Allies (France, Britain) were going to join the fight. This was all caused by the July Ultimatum, mostly because of Germany’s intentions to start a war to defends its interests in the area. To conclude, The July Ultimatum was created by Austria-Hungary with the full support of Germany and their ideas of defending their nationalism which caused tension between every European power which was eventually going to lead to war, even it was just a local war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia. World War 1 was like a volcano, just waiting to explode and the July Ultimatum was like the match that made it go

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