Why The Crusades Were Started Essay

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Why the Crusades were started
Crusades began as a series of some religious wars which the Latin Church sanctioned between the periods of 11th to 16th centuries. The aim of coming up with crusades was to save Jerusalem from the Islamic rule at that time. As much as crusades were for advancing the cause of Christ, they began as a way to free the Christians from the Islamic rule and force. This research paper explains all the crusades that started in Europe and determines if the crusades signify Christian worldviews.
The first crusade in Europe took place in 1095, and it was a response to the pope’s call to fight in opposition to the Muslim forces that had started to engulf the Holy Land of Europe. The first crusade achieved its purpose because Jerusalem was captured in 1099, and the Christians invaded the Holy Land and started setting up a number of Latin Christian states. The Muslims that were displaced from Jerusalem swore to hit back in a holy war called jihad, to restore their control over the states in Jerusalem.
Poor relations between the Byzantine Empire of Christian allies and the Crusaders finished after the Constantinople got sacked as the third crusade was in progress, in the year 1204. History notes that the elevating Mamluk dynasty of the country of Egypt came up with the last reckoning of Europe 's Crusaders, which pushed for a topple in Jerusalem 's coastal strongholds. This also aided in extracting European invaders that had already settled in Palestine and…

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