Essay about Why The Cost Is Only Given A Rating

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Based on figure 1, it can be inferred that Martini places a high priority on quality in their services with speed and flexibility coming close. Being in the hospitality and service industry, it is true that they have to place very high standard of quality as once the quality is recognised, many customers do not mind the cost anymore. This is why the cost is only given a rating of 3. Another reason on the value of flexibility is that all individuals have their own dislikes and allergies hence restaurants especially have to cater to their needs specifically if not risk losing a customer just because they refuse to be flexible in their menu.

With regards to control methods that Martini has adopted, the management provides service trainings for every new employee so as to standardise the work flow. Franco stated that “new employees are given about a week to 10 days training”. During this training period, they are given direct supervision and allowed to observe the running of the business. Additionally, owners have a meeting every morning to discuss the previous day problems and go through the daily schedule for the day to prepare employees. Not every day might be the same hence they meet every morning before the restaurant opens so as to ensure a smooth flow of operation for the day.
To add on, one of the main reason Martini’s quality is indisputable is to do with their food. They ensure that their standard is always consistent so as to retain their customer’s loyalty…

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