Why The Agent Is Ready For The Next Call Essay

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You are sitting in your cubicle, waiting on the next call to come in. Everyone in your row and the next row over seems to be following the rules of what to do when not on a call. There is a break in between calls, so you stand up to stretch; however, when you look ahead a few rows you notice hoods of sweatshirts covering heads, and others with their heads on their desks. A thought runs through your mind, “Are they not afraid of being written up or sent home? Will their team lead or supervisor say anything to them?”
At Call 4 Health, one thing agents always have to be is ready. Whether the agent is ready for the next call, or a new client walking through the facility, agents are fully aware of what needs to be done. So why would some appear more respectful to the rules than others? The answer is leadership. Each group of agents has its own team lead, and it is up to that team lead to make sure the group is ready for anything. Although Call 4 Health has an encouraging top management team to get all employees motivated to do more than what is asked of them, there are some problems that arise with team leadership.
First, we will take a glance into one of the problems with team leadership at Call 4 Health. The team leads at Call 4 Health are very diverse. They hold a meeting every Wednesday at two o’clock in the afternoon to go over ways to improve meeting client and patient needs, more importantly, employee needs. The problem in these meetings is that some team…

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