Why Students Should Not Pay More Education Essay

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Tertiary education is a pursuit of further academic studies undertaken after high school. It has become the standard requirement for economic progress as it provides people with necessary skills and capabilities to survive in an increasingly competitive, global economy. In Australia, tertiary education such as universities and TAFEs has changed throughout its establishments by introducing and imposing various reforms that provides beneficial and detrimental effects for tertiary students. A new reform to further improve the current model has surfaced. However, it could present unfavorable outcomes for tertiary students, outweighing the benefits it offers. This essay will argue that students should not pay more to support tertiary education in Australia, as the changes on loan schemes programs can become a financial burden for people with below average salaries and courses that rely on government funds could be faced with problematic decisions.

The Commonwealth Grant Scheme (CGS) and Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) are loan schemes available for students commencing tertiary education that are provided by the government if requirements are met. However, the new reform to change the current model of tertiary education implicates cutting billions of dollars on CGS and the lowering the threshold for payments and increased rates on HECS-HELP (Parliament of Australia, 2014). Cutting billions of dollars on CGS could ease the burden that the government has attempted to maintain.…

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