Why Students Drop Out Of School Essay example

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High School Dropout

3 years ago a local student name Sam White went to Benjamin E. Mays High school.Sam was a Junior and was a very smart kid but one day Sam and his cousin went out one night and Sam got into some trouble with some bad people. Later that morning Sam and his cousin returned home only to find Sam’s mother dead on the kitchen floor. This was a major life event that lead Sam to drop out. We need to start fighting the dropout crisis because we are losing too many smart and young students everyday.We need to stand up and prevent students from dropping out of school. One good reason is students my face what we call life events or fade outs, push outs, and failing success. Robert Balfanz wrote a paper describing many reason why students drop out of school and those reasons were. Life events is a big reason students may drop out of school. A life event is when something that happens outside of that may affect them to a point where they would want to drop out. Fade outs is another good reason why students would drop out of school. A fade out is when a student become frustrated or bored of school, like a student my get tired of doing work and coming to school every morning and that may lead to drop out of school. Push outs is also a good reason why students may drop out of school. A push out is when a student is or are perceived to be difficult, dangerous, or detrimental to the success of the school, for example if…

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