Essay on Why Standards Are Important?

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Reason why Standards Are Important

Something that is very important is how people engage with you. How do you want your current or future audience to portray your work or message? Whatever it may be we need to be the ones to set the bar. Ask yourself, how do you want to be seen?

Today I want to talk about standards. I did break it up into two parts. There is so much to cover. Let’s dive in! People Talk
I speak about running a future business frequently. As I continue to push myself closer to that goal, I still have to pay the bills. I am currently a manager at a local restaurant. I don’t want to go into specifics just to avoid any copy right laws. However, I want to talk about something I admire so much about this company. Let me start by saying this company is the most well known local restaurant in the state of New Mexico. They are beginning to extend their business out to other states. They have high goals and I have no doubt they are going far. The amazing part of the company, they don’t rely on advertising to get business. With the exception of growing stores out of state, they rely strictly on word of mouth.

I love working for this company. As management they have such high standards to follow up within the stores. Running a business off zero marketing pushed them to perfect everything. That’s exactly my job. I love providing the best service, handing out well presented food, keeping the kitchen clean and presentable to our customers. Because that’s what…

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