Why Should Organ Donation Be Mandatory

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Nowadays, many people become good manner when they prepared to donate them organ to help others who suffered diseases about organ failure such as liver, kidney, heart, etc. This action is call organ donation and it is lofty and beautiful gesture. Thank to organ donation many people have rescued from death. All of country in the world attaches special importance to develop organ donation. It is a fact that the amount of people who is waiting an organ transplant is higher than the number of people who is donate organ. Let’s take Australia which is a world leader for successful transplant outcomes as a stark example. In 2014, there are 1170 people in the transplant waiting lists, meanwhile only 378 people support organ donation. As a results of some people died during waiting for an organ transplant. This is getting interested by people. Indeed, many conclusions have been made, one of them is that organ donation should be compulsory due to saving many people and reducing black market trade. Another conclusion, some people advocate organ donation should be not mandatory. Because this leads to problem such as violate human rights, the religions, consent of the next of kin.
First of all, the greatest reason of organ donation should be mandatory is save more lives. The gap between the
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Some families feel unpleasant when they confront with donation request. They want not to everyone touch the bodies of loved one, and as a results, they think it violates body. Although people make decision to donate organ after death their families feel shock when hear that. They can make to against the wishes of the person if they see the environment hospital and everything have not ensured. Thus, in fulfillment of consent of the kin, the government sure that environment hospital offers their kin feel safe, make them trust in hand’s

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