Why Should Coors Have Been Justified? Essay

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1. Would Coors have been justified in using a polygraph and in asking the questions alleged in the notarized affidavits? Explain your answer fully in terms of the ethical principals involved.

As the world become smaller and the access to electronic records become easier, many companies rely on background investigations of all potential hiring candidates to verify the accuracy of their employment application and resume, their criminal records, or any employment-related sanctions. Although these background checks are very helpful for the hiring agency, it can be (and in my personal experience) very daunting experience to complete. In my position, I had to undergo an extensive background check by both my employer and the US State Department prior to being hired to ensure I can receive a Top Secret Security Clearance. Even though some of the questions asked were very personal and invasive, (e.g., I had to release all my banking information and provide name and address of all mine and my husband’s family members) this process is necessary to safeguard against possible espionage or bribery from a foreign threat. Coors was not justified in the use of the polygraph as the questions asked were not associated to the candidates’ ability to perform the job they were hired to do. If, however, these questions were related to the job description and the employee’s ability to carry out these duties and functions, then the use of the polygraph would have been ethical and…

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