Essay on Why Schools Should Allow Religious Freedom

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Why Schools Should Allow Religious Freedom
Do you think every student in the United States should be allowed to practice their religion during school hours? “Students have the right to engage in, or decline to engage in, religious activities at their own initiative, so long as they do not interfere with the rights of others.” (John Seigenthaler). “An Unfair Dress Code“(243) Nashala who was 11 years old was not able to use her hijab during school hours, because the school saw it as a threat and it offended the students little girl. Nashala’s family suing the school district, saying that it’s a dress code discriminate unfairly against religious clothing. The Justice Department agrees and wants the school to change its policy. The Justice Department says the way the district uses it dress code policy violates the U.S constitution.
Section One: Literary review
Students and teacher, should have the right to engage their religion during school hours. One of the members at church complained that she was not able to pray in a privately place at school without other classmates making fun of her saying "she 's going to talk to someone who doesn’t exist", "she 's crazy", "there 's no such thing as a "god"", she was fed up with everyone bullying her so she hesitated to go to school after that. This shows that humans are the true monsters and the only sanctuary is by praying to god and showing no matter how many people make fun of her she may be at peace with god. “Anti-Defamation…

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