Essay on Why School Uniforms Should Be Mandatory

1007 Words May 6th, 2016 null Page
Whether school uniforms should be mandatory or not has been a debate that has lasted many years. Not many studies have been conducted over the issue, but the ones that did, presented positive effects with children who wear school uniforms. The board of education needs to enforce a school uniform policy amongst all public schools because regular clothing may be destructive to students’ social and learning skills. Doing so will present a stress-free environment that will help children improve academically and socially.
“As of the 2007-2008 school year, 16.5% of all the public schools in the United States required students to wear uniforms” ("How Many Schools Require Uniforms?"). As the data states, there are barely any schools that make wearing school uniforms mandatory. In many schools, there is a dress code. The difference between the two is that a dress code states what you should be wearing and a school uniform policy states what you absolutely need to be wearing. The public schools that enforce a dress code typically aren’t that strict with the rules, letting students wear anything that they want to. This can cause negative impacts on the students.
Many students find fashion as a number one priority, constantly looking at and judging what others wear and focusing too much on their appearance for others. With no uniform policy, clothing may become distractive to the individual and his peers. If schools, instead, make it to where students have to wear uniforms, this issue…

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