Why School Uniforms Should Be Banned Essay

1355 Words Dec 7th, 2015 null Page
School Uniforms To use school uniforms or to not use school uniforms, this matter has been debated over and over for a space of many years. While it has its advantages and disadvantages, people have their own opinions about them. Some may think it keeps the students from being able to express their selves, and it can make them feel uncomfortable even. While others believe it saves money and keeps the children focused on school work and that only. The main motives for school uniforms would be discipline, better educational performance and removing peer difference. School uniforms would be a good idea for every school to enforce for many reasons. If all schools had them, it would bring equality amongst individuals, it would help students focus only on school work, it would save parents money and it would represent the school well. The first thing having school uniforms would do is bring equality to all the students. Over many years, bullying has been a constant problem in all schools and has increased majorly in the past few years. Kids constantly judge each other for what they wear or what they do not wear. In an article by Brown University Child a scholar stated, “School uniforms have been mandated in many school districts in an effort to promote safety by reducing violence” (Rockney, Page 8). If schools made all students wear uniforms, violence and crime throughout schools could ultimately be solved. The students would all be wearing the same thing therefore that would…

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