Why School Systems Should Be Changed Over The Years Essay

968 Words Nov 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
Schools have come a long way throughout history. There have been some major downfalls and accomplishments in the history of education. Plessy vs. Ferguson (1896) was a law that called for the segregation of public schools under the doctrine of “separate but equal” (Sass, 2016). 58 years later the “separate but equal” doctrine was considered unconstitutional and was overturned by the Supreme Court (Sass, 2016). As a result, Brown vs. Board of Education established desegregation in schools and equality for all (Sass, 2016). There has been a struggle with equality in schools for a long time. Schools have struggled with that issue but easily overcame it. However, there is one problem that stands out to still be a problem today. Schools have not changed over the years. It could be that people are afraid of change. In the video, “I Just Sued the School System” Prince Ea argues his point on why the school systems need to be changed (Ea, 2016). This video has over two million views and it brings light to the issues that people keep putting on the backburner. Hopefully his video will spark our nation to do something about this problem. The school system has not changed. In the past schools were preparing students for working in factories. That is why desks are set up in lines, why students have to raise their hands, and why there is a grading system to grade the “product” (Ea, 2016). In 1867 the Department of Education was created to help states establish effective school systems…

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