Why Prostitution Should Be Legal Essay

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BJs for “Benjamins” Prostitution (or sex work) is regarded to be one of the world’s oldest professions. It dates back to approximately 2400 B.C., and it continues to thrive. Prostitution is a controversial topic; it has been argued and debated whether it should be legal or illegal. Several countries in Europe legalized prostitution with regulation; individuals in those perceive prostitution as victimless and a well-paying job. Unlike those countries, sex work is illegal in the United States of America, except in Nevada, because many citizens believe it is demeaning and degrading to sex workers. The government formulated a “full proof” idea that illegalizing prostitution will exterminate its existence, which is inaccurate; it will remain present. Prostitution has become more prevalent than in recent years, and individuals will go out of arms reach in search of prostitutes. Therefore, for consenting adults, prostitution should be legal.
Studies were conducted, in response to find the benefits of sex work. Since prostitution is a high-demanding business, it can accumulate mass revenue and increase a country’s gross domestic product (GDP). In Britain, prostitution is legal, but brothels are illegal. Brothels are a place where people go to engage in sexual activity with prostitutes. The use of brothels could increase Britain’s GDP by $8.9 million ("A Personal Choice; Prostitution"). With legalizing prostitution, the government is able to set up brothels and regulate the…

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