Why People Commit Suicide? Essay

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Ever felt down? Lost? Well you’re not the only one. Someone every 18 minutes is committing suicide, ending their life. Would you try to help? Would you even care? The people that feel like they are nothing, that feel like they don’t belong, well they usually are the ones that smile and laugh so no one even can tell that they want to end their life; they are the ones that you would never know are on the verge of leaving for good until they are gone.
Everyone gets sad, upset, mad or hurt, but you can help the ones that stay sad, upset, mad or hurt by talking to them and helping them know its okay to talk and to feel this way and that you are there to help them.
Suicide is a serious issue and people should be more aware of the risk that are involved so they can help prevent the hurt people have when they lose someone they love.
There are many reasons why people commit suicide; they could be driven to suicide by what they think of themselves or by what happens to them on a daily basis. It can be hard to understand why anyone would hurt themselves on purpose. When learning that someone in their
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own family has committed suicide, most people are shocked and upset (“Helping”). When people try to take their own life they are often trying to get away from a situation that seems impossible to deal with, and many people who attempt suicide are seeking relief from shame, guilt, or a feeling of being a burden to others, a victim, or a reject. They might also feel a…

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