Why Penetration Testing Is An Attack On A Computer System Essay

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A penetration test or “pentesting” is an attack on a computer system, network or Web application without actually harming it and with the owner’s permission in order to identify vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit with the intention of finding security weaknesses and potentially gaining access to its functionality and data.

Why Penetration Testing

Nine out of 10 businesses experienced at least one hacking incident in the past year, marking a 21% increase from 2015, according to a survey by Hartford Steam Boiler. "Sixty-four percent of risk managers say they have experienced more than six hacking incidents in the last year--up from 32% in 2015," said Eric Cernak, cyber practice leader for Munich Re. "U.S. businesses are under constant assault." [1]

Many companies are now offering penetration by using special tools and simulating the actions that a hacker might perform to identify and patch the security holes, and ensure that the security implementation actually provides the protection that the enterprise requires and expects.

Techniques of Attack
The ultimate goal is to find out how a network is insecure from a hacker’s point of view. For this purpose, it is necessary to test all the systems that are on the network, regardless of what kind of operating system or application they run. These tests can be implemented by a security company or by the company’s internal security team through day-to-day monitoring of networks and devices and researching the latest…

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