Essay Why Parents Should Live A Holy And Righteous Life

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Churches have a list of things they really do not speak about and it is because they are uncomfortable topics. Elkin, and Roehlkepartain (2004) found out that the congregations should work together to help teenagers prevent at-risk behaviors. This cannot be done without the help of the Christian beliefs and church. The church gives the rules and regulations of how one should live a holy and righteous life and how to walk down a good path. People in our everyday lives can help lead us with the help of the church. Step parents, teachers, and Christian leaders can impact a child’s life and prevent at-risk behavior with the principles of the church. Whenever a child is involved in a divorce and a new step parent comes into their lives, it is very difficult for the child to adapt. Even if this child does adapt, they are not the same child a parent would remember. Step parents needs to ease into this new relationship and the best way to start off is by not acting like a new mother or father. A child will not listen to them because they do not want this new person acting like their mother or father. The best first step is to give options for different situations. Like when a child is having at-risk behaviors like underage smoking, a step parent can give the option of how to stop now before the child gets addicted or the option of keep smoking and have serious problems and cancer when they are older. Family, religious, and social values, can create a foundation the will help lead…

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