Why Nineteen Year Olds Aren 't Presidents Essay

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Why Twelve Year Olds Aren’t Presidents
Humanity’s goal is advancement. Advancement in our technology, our quality of life, our intelligence. To foster these incredible advancements, it is a prerequisite that the government surrounding oneself is much more than simply adequate. The government, and governing officials, need to be made up of wisdom, knowledge, and justice as to cater to its citizens. However, in Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding, a group of preteen boys is left to govern themselves after their plane crashes. Despite their best efforts to form a suitable government, the chosen leaders are weak, slightly dimwitted, naive twelve year old boys with delusions of grandeur. Consequently, they develop into completely inadequate leaders, which ultimately makes forming a competent government impossible. The boys on the island in Golding’s Lord of the Flies failed to establish an effective government because they did not implement and enforce a separation of powers as well as to be ruled by reason and wisdom.
Baron de Montesquieu believed that a separation of powers is essential for an effective government, however, the island government lacks this necessary element, which results in corruption and eventually the formation of despotism. Montesquieu was a French Enlightenment thinker who gained the most recognition from his theory outlining a separation of powers between three branches of government. The three branches were described as legislative,…

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