Why Law Systems Are Vulnerable And At Risk Of Being Corrupted As The Society

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The essay debates whether law systems are vulnerable and at risk of being corrupted as the society is complacently accepting what is being done is done under the authority of law. This questions a lawyer’s responsibility in reviewing the law but also deciding whether is is justifiable. The argument is explored in relation to capital punishment as it is a complex and multifaceted concept which obtains various perspectives on whether it is just and fair. Although, the law system implements an abolishment of capital punishment, the reintroduction is encouraged by the majority of the society. Capital punishment is a conflicting concept where the society is easily influenced to accept death penalties as a method of punishing an offender. The intervention of lawyer’s as they must challenge the unjust laws is significant, especially when situations are blurred from the notion of justice. In regards to capital punishment, there are domestic and international law implemented to equate fairness though there are still gaps as it is not always reinforced, especially in the Bali Nine case. Hence, the society is ethically blinded by accepting the authority of law despite whether it is fair and just.
Capital Punishment is prohibited in Australia but this is not imposed on Australians travelling to other nations where it is accepted. This displays the injustice that lies in the law system especially with the fact that it has evolved into a political matter and debate of incapacitation…

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