Essay on Why Kansas State University Is A Beautiful Campus

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Kansas State University is a gorgeous campus that is always up kept and pleasing to the eye. However, almost twice a week my fellow K-state students and I come in to very close range of a large gas lawnmower. During what I like to consider “rush hours” of students between the hours of 8am-5pm it is not uncommon to see the mowers out on the quad or another section of the campus. Personally, I suffer from severe seasonal allergies brought on by things such as pollen and grass. Weekly on my way to class as I pass the people mowing the lawns, I get the grass blowing around on me, irritating my allergies. Class becomes bothersome as my eyes become watery and itchy I can hardly maintain focus. Something as small as lawn mowing is developing into a problem for not only me, but my fellow students and faculty members as well. The problems that come of this include disruption during lecture, it is potentially harmful to students, and causes an increased risk of damage to one’s hearing due to second hand noise. The issue of mowing is something that can be easily fixed. I propose Kansas state University refrains from mowing between 7am-5pm or adjusting the locations they mow. This is an issue for many of us here at Kansas State University, but it is also one that is solvable.
Problem description:
Mowing between the hours of 8am-5pm proves problematic because that is when a majority of students like myself have class. The problems that come of this include disruption during lecture,…

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