Why Is The Morality Of Abortion A Common Medical Ethics Issue?

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Why is the Morality of Abortion a Common Medical Ethics Issue? : an Annotated Bibliography
"Abortion ProCon.org." ProConorg Headlines. Web. 12 Feb. 2016. ProCon.org is an independent organization that was created in July of 2004. The organization is not politically biased and is attended to reach a diverse audience. Its goal is to present controversial issues that promote critical thinking and inform the public audience. This website leads readers to a page titled, “Should Abortion Be Legal?” It lists facts relating to the topic, and each provides a reference source to help further guide research. It gives a background on abortion by explaining the different views, the process, the federal regulations, and state regulations. It also provides a list of pros and cons on legal abortion and each topic is backed up by facts. ProCon.org will be a great source of information for my essay for the reason that it touches on all the basic questions that help to explain the morality issues of abortion. This source provides a wide range of information on abortion and other debated topics. Not only does it provide a large amount of information, but also references other credible sources helping me to further my research for essays to come. ProCon.org focuses on both the pros and cons of abortion, which is the central theme of each of my sources.
Craddock, Joshua J. "Personhood and after-birth abortion." The Human Life Review Winter 2014: 97+. Academic OneFile. Web. 12 Feb. 2016.

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