Why Is The Great Gatsby Great

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The Great Gatsby but, how could one be so great? Living his life with innumerable somber events, it 's hard to understand F. Scott Fitzgerald’s choice of title. Gatsby was a liar about his past, he made his fortune by illegally selling alcohol, and he was interfering with Tom and Daisy 's marriage. Fitzgerald had a collection of possible titles, some of them included: Among Ash-Heaps, Gold-Hatted Gatsby, The High-Bouncing Lover , Trimalchio in West Egg, and Under the Red, White, and Blue. So why did he pick the title The Great Gatsby? Some might think that the idea of the title was Fitzgerald’s way of using irony however, Fitzgerald may have had an another idea in mind. The book was titled The Great Gatsby, because Gatsby was indeed “great”! …show more content…
Nick first meets Gatsby at one of his extravagant parties unknowingly conversing with him. One of Nick 's initial reactions regarding the character of Mr. Gatsby was that he was “ an elegant young roughneck” (Fitzgerald 48). Nick looked past Gatsby 's charm and presumed him as an arrogant man. Nick 's presumption of Mr. Gatsby soon changed; he was suddenly astonished of Jay Gatsby 's life story. In the article “New essays on The Great Gatsby” The author, Matthew Bruccoli, states: “The narrator, Nick Carraway, senses that he is too quick to condemn [Gatsby]... he goes on to make an exception for Gatsby, allying Gatsby to an older, more humane America---an ironic identification” (42). This author also …show more content…
in The Great Gatsby) he is about to call to the stranger but when he observes that the man is fixated by a faraway gleam of green light, he desists. And then Gatsby is gone” (Sven Birkerts 89). This green light is known to symbolize dream and the future. Although Gatsby went his own special way in achieving his dream, it soon set out to be The American dream.
When most people think of the title The Great Gatsby, They assume that Gatsby will be just a wonderful person but, when they read the book, they will later find out that he is that, and “great” in the ways he accomplished his dreams. Gatsby had us admiring him through the eyes of our narrator, he managed to make a fortune in his own mysterious ways and he accomplished his dreams of charming his one true love Daisy, all in which pursuing the great american

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