Why Is Michael Jackson Wrong

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Surely it was a ruse, it couldn’t possibly be true; Facebook must have it wrong. This thought looped through her mind all morning long, the possibility of it being real was in the back of her mind until the television rang out a truth she couldn’t believe. Michael Jackson was dead.

“I saw something on social media, but I just assumed it was one of those hoaxes that pops up once in awhile. But then the news came on, and I heard it. And I remember being shocked. Absolutely shocked.” (Follis). He was far too young to be gone. And the way he died was so shocking; Heart attack? And intoxicated with several different drugs? At only age fifty this was all flabbergasting to say the least.

“I knew that MJ had had substance abuse issues in the past, but the thought that he would have caused that for himself at that age was hard to swallow.” (Follis). The Jackson family was locked in a legal battle with MJ’s tour promoter and his tour doctor, who they claimed were responsible for Michael’s death. “When I found out that
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However, as the memories started to recall, the more it became feasible that this had all happened. “I began to remember all of the different things that happened in his life to cause controversy and disdain, and I started to realise that this may have been a long time coming.”

“People of Generation X were most impacted by MJ passing away, I think. But he was an entertainer for all.” (Follis). “I was middle school age when Michael became extremely popular.” (Follis). He was a new wave of talent in a world with cookie cutter music genres and styles. MJ started off with the Jackson 5. He was the front man voice of the latest hit group; if you could call him a man, seeing as he was only 5 years old. “To think that the most famous singer of the time was only 5 years old to start is beyond astonishing, if only I could have realised the scope of it at that age.”

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