Essay about Why Is It Important For Surface Water Measurement?

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Gage station is a permanent station that holds stream gaging equipment’s inside that will observe, sense, record, and transmit stage information/data such as water height, discharge, highest flow, and various water quality parameters (such as temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, and dissolved chemicals) for streams, wells, lakes, canals, reservoirs and any other surface water bodies. Such instrumentation ranges from the simple non-recording auxiliary gages to sophisticated water level sensors, noncontact radar sensors, electronic data loggers, and telemetry systems, such as satellite data collection platforms (DCPs). Further, the collected information/data about the stream will be transmitted to the USGS via a satellite communication system for a general purpose of a wide variety flood prediction, water/watershed management/assessment, recreation and navigation purposes. Why, is important in surface water measurement? the records of streamflow are the base to be used in developing reliable surface water supplies as the records provide information on the streamflow availability and its variability in time and space. Eventually, the records/Data/information are used in the planning and design of surface water related projects such as dams, reservoirs, and canals and they are also used in the management or operation of such projects after the projects have been built or activated. This is obvious throughout the change in stage-discharge relation which will trigger out the channel…

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