Why Is Education Important For Education? Essay

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From the age of six years old until at least the age of eighteen one of the main things that is discussed everyday is the importance of education. Many different cultures put a different level of importance on education. Some may have the luxury of being from the upper class and knowing that they will be able to attend any college they wish. Money would not be a factor that they would have to consider. While for some people college may be out of reach and they have to step out into the workforce after finishing high school. I will be using different ideas from this sections to help us to understand how different cultures view the importance of education. One of the ideas that I will be using is the patterns on a person’s social relations. Some examples of patterns that could limit the amount of importance a person puts on their education is their class or race. If a person belonged to the lower class their whole life they may have been taught that money needed to be gained in the fastest way possible. They could do this by entering the work force at the youngest age they could and then their education would be put to the side because they were more focused on how much money they needed to make to get by. While others may not have to consider how much debt college could put them in. We put so much pressure on people to further their education but them make it impossible for some people the prices are outrageous. The Marxist theory and the rational choice theory could also…

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