Why I Want To Become A Pharmacist?

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To make someone interested in science, we have to demonstrate the outcome a chemical phenomenon can give. To give them a deep desire to discover medicine, we may give them an unbearable experience. When I was still young, I lost my aunt in a night. My mother never told me the reason of my aunt’s death. I tried to guess but I could not since I had no idea. In the meantime, my passion in pharmacy grew, though I was told was heart disease when I had grown up. In addition, since my grandfather died of bacterial infection in my junior high school year, my desire to learn about medicines for healing patients’ suffering from illness was increased. Although it still seems a ridiculous notion to me, I will attempt to make it comes true.

It is my constant
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The pharmacists whom I always notice and appreciate will analyze patients’ condition and determine what drugs they need. I am completely sure that I want to be like them and do what they do. Besides, more pharmacies require more pharmacists. In my home country, it is widely believed that pharmacist is an easy career which only places its license in the pharmacy and then receives salary. It seems that people who study pharmacy are just for money. However, I think that not only money but also the passion in the job make people engage in it. I hope I can show to others that I am a pharmacist with enormous enthusiasm. Furthermore, I am clear that studying in UK might make me feel like a fish out of water. I also learn that being taught in English is considerably hard to a Chinese person. That’s why I am trying my best to make English the thing I can manage. I know I am not still a child. Before I used to think only, but now I understand that I have to plan for the future, which is to do what I want to

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