Why I Think Plato Is One Of The Greats Essay

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Charity Huggins
Professor Paul Carrick
Philosophy 101
17 November 2014
Why I Think Plato Is One Of The Greats

(1) What intrigues you about this philosopher you have chosen?
With the title “Philosopher King” and being the first archetype I had ever studied in my philosophical endeavors, Aristocles (but from here on out shall be recognized as Plato) captivated me from the beginning, and he captivates me nonetheless. Being fresh with curiosity and a sponge-like disposition, I soaked up the many principles and virtues of Plato’s epistemology and metaphysical concepts, and, to this day, I remember his works as vividly as I had when I first read them many weeks ago. His concepts appeared to me, at first, as original, radical, and intriguing. Today, I still find his works very different from the many succeeding philosophers to him (now that I am better versed in my philosophical archetypal understanding), although, in many ways, I often find striking similarities in these subsequent philosophers that feel however distantly connected to the important foundation Plato built in the name of philosophy as the “Father of Logic.”
What I found most intriguing was Plato’s concept and development of a dualistic reality. Suggesting that truth was unchanging, Plato attempted to persuade that the only pure, universal constants were Platonic Forms by which we can only access through the mind (existing from us in a separate reality altogether, hence dualism) and, therefore, the things that we…

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