Aristotle And Plato And Aristotle's The Republic

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The Question of Justice
Thinkers for centuries have attempted to find a way to establish a republic or state with a system that ensures perfect justice. Many of these thinkers shared a common idea on what justice should look like but many also disagree on how they should go about establishing that republic. Plato and Aristotle exemplify this idea as although Plato taught Aristotle, they have vastly different answers to the question. Both wrote books explicating their different opinions, Plato wrote The Republic while Aristotle wrote The Politics. The two books work towards a common goal but they go about doing this in different ways. Plato argues for an oligarchy dominated by one percent of the population who are born with virtue and among this group, Plato wants strong unity to ensure that human nature cannot destroy the purity of the rulers. Aristotle argues for a constitutional democracy in which the masses are able to participate as active citizens and influence the government all the while being taught by the government on the importance of moderation to
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Aristotle’s idea, by modern standards, was a much more moderate approach to fixing the issues he saw. Plato, however, offered a much more radicalized system that would be a complete overhaul of the current American system. Since neither system went truly into effect at any point in history, it is hard to say which would be more effective. What can be said is that it is much more likely that Aristotle’s system would be accepted with relative ease and theoretically would result in more positive change. Although neither thinker was able to create a truly perfect system it is vital that thinkers continue to try and answer the question of how to create a perfect republic because even just the pursuit of an answer will help build a more just

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