Why I Learned From The World Hours Communicating With A Form Of Birth Control

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Notably, the most important thing that I learned in this class was how much time people typically spend communicating with one another. Moreover, “We spend 80-90% of our waking hours communicating, so interpersonal communication becomes central to our daily lives and vital to our well-being since it helps us form our personal identities and build connections with others” (Shelley).
Furthermore, the most surprising bit of information that I learned about in class, was about a specific method unmarried couples used as a form of birth control. This technique was coined term, “petting”. Correspondingly, “Couples in the early 19th century responded to the dilemma of proper sexual restraint versus passion with the invention of petting – sexual activity, exclusive of actual intercourse” (Shelley D. ). Furthermore, “…genital petting, masturbation, and other nonpenetrative or solitary sex acts”, can all be grouped under schemes people use to prevent pregnancy, while still being sexual (Encyclopedia.com, 2015).
I think the most useful information that I learned came from Section #15 Domestic Violence. The entire section helped verify that I was right, when I left my husband. All of the given information about Domestic Violence confirms that divorce was the only logical solution for my marriage to terminate.
Typically, I incorporate what I learn in Communication & Intimacy class, and apply or relate it to someone else’s relationship, if not with a personal relationship of my own. By…

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