1. Assess The Importance Of Feedback In Communication

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From the beginning of time, communicating with others has been an adaptable skill that an individual needs to survive in an established community. People living in a community could not communicate effectively if they could not first listen and see the words or actions of others. Today, communication has taken a different route in the use of social networking rather than holding face- to - face conversations. The use of cell phones lets people hide behind a screen and lets them see what others are doing as opposed to not actually listening to them. Taking a step away from a phone, computer, or even turning all attention to the present moment can help an individual to become a Servant-Leader in skilled communication (Sipe & Frick 2009). Taking …show more content…
In order for a leader to give efficient feedback, they must be aware of assertiveness. Sipe and Frick (2009) claim that “assertive speaking is a method of initiating a message an expressing oneself to accurately communicate thoughts, feelings, expectations, and needs” (p.67). Having assertiveness gives a person the ability to tell others how they feel and what they expect of the person. Great assertive attributes include naming feeling such as glad, sad, or depressed (Sipe & Frick 2009, pg. 68). Claiming the feeling will help one to act on how they feel and how should they act (Sipe & Frick 2009, p. 68). Framing the feeling will grant someone the ability to discover that their behavior affects us and not that people cause our feelings (Sipe & Frick 2009, pp.68-69). Making a request helps to be clear and realistic to a person and how one can initially serve them (Sipe Frick 2009, p.69). This helps to give feedback in a positive, firm tone that makes the other person aware of what they can improve on. The value to a leader to give feedback to their followers is that the leader can evaluate their own lives and approach the follower knowing that everyone is at fault for something and it is of human nature to make mistakes. When approaching someone to give feedback it is important to take a respectable approach and keep the encounter professional. Explain the problem and give examples to support the feedback. It can be possible to become a Servant-Leader in giving feedback by trying one’s best to be in control of the situation and do it in a manner to help the person for creating a better

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