Why I Have Learned About Psychology Essay

1100 Words Nov 28th, 2015 null Page
I have learned a great deal this semester working as an undergraduate research assistant in the Pediatric Coping and Language Lab in the Marital Communication in Pediatric Cancer Study. Through my connecting experience this semester, I have learned more about the disciplines that are relevant to my Bridging Disciplines Certificate, in Social Inequality, Health and Policy with a focus on public health. I have also learned about thinking in an interdisciplinary way, comparing and contrasting different disciplines, and using my skills within different disciplines. My experiences this semester have also helped me to further foster my goals and interests. As the lab is in the psychology department, I have mostly had exposure to psychology. The research is studying how parents and caregivers are affected by having a child with cancer. Specifically, the goal is to look at coping strategies and what strategies seem to correlate with positive marital communication. Since I came into this research experience without any experience in psychology since an AP psychology class in high school, I have learned a lot about psychology. I have learned about different research methods for psychological research including training to become reliable in the Iowa Family Interaction Rating Scales. IFIRS coding is used to measure different behaviors that an individual displays during an interaction. This method will be used in our lab to evaluate interactions between parents or caregivers as they…

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