Why I Chose This Article? Essay

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Why I chose this article?
Growing up I had always wondered why children are so picky when they are at a younger age. Having served in a restaurant for over three years now, I would always come across the children who only get chicken nuggets and french-fries – which is a high majority of them. It always crosses my mind of “Why are children so picky all of the time?” There are the occasional kids who come through and order some of the strangest things -one time I had a parent and two twin girls come into Outback Steakhouse and the girls both ordered something very strange and different.” Out of curiosity I asked the mother and girls what prompted them to chose the dishes they did and the little girls boastfully announced they were in a “Try Me” food-eating group. After that little incident I would now guess it has something to do with parenting decisions, so when I stumbled across this article I had to glance at it.

Throughout the article, the author (Charlotte Markey) explains that there are five mistakes made when trying to feed your children. The five mistakes the article states are 1) You say one thing and do another, 2) You force it, 3) You instill too many rules, 4) You fight about it, and 5) You make it a big deal. (Charlotte, Markey. 2016, September 1). If you just take a look at all of these you can assume they are all pretty similar, but most parents are guilty of these things. I know this firsthand because when I was young I used to eat little to nothing so my…

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