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I am not currently working in a school, but the schools I attended while growing up had two extremely different approaches to ELLs. I actually lived in Flagstaff in elementary and middle school and I was completely unaware of non-English speakers even attending my school. I think this is partially because I was 13 and focused almost entirely on myself but also because, at that time, the school system almost entirely separated these students from the "main stream" kids. While I can 't speak to the actual curriculum of these sheltered immersion classrooms, I believe this type of instruction is beneficial to a certain extent; separating ELL students from the rest of the school population, however, limits their exposure to English in a social setting which hinders their learning and facilitates remaining inside their comfort zone. Additionally, classrooms consisting of only ELL students may cause those who are grasping concepts more quickly than other students to be held back by the language limitations of their fellow ESL students. Obviously there is a fine line between pushing a student to grow in their education and teaching beyond their level of understanding, but it is my opinion that these secluded classes facilitate are in danger of this more than others.

When I got to high school my family moved overseas and I attended a school on a military base. Most of my peers were children of U.S. military personnel, so their ties to the United States were strong but many of them…

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