Essay on Why I Am A Professional Basketball Player

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As a young boy that come from Dominican Republic a country where sport is a big passion, and knowing how to work hard to reach another level. I always had a passion for sports especially basketball. Before I come to this country I had a big dream to become a professional basketball player. But everything change when I come to U.S. It was something that God put me in my way for the first time that I been in this country. I found that I have talent that didn’t imagine that would able to do, that it was running. But not just run because everyone can run, I mean have the capacity to run fast, I guess! By the same token, it was when I realize that we not chose the sport, the sport chose you. Basically it just about life chances, and opportunities that would came to you when you never expect it. However, I’m going to tell you how I met my high school coach for the first time. I remember the first day of school class, I went to my first class of the day that was english. The name of the teacher was Mr. Lopez. This English teacher was the head coach of the track team, since when he saw me wonder he asked me if I play baseball? because as coming from an island that has a great passion for this sport. But my answer was no, I told him that playing basketball and he told me at the time that basketball season was over. The reason is because when I came to this country come mid-year in January 25. Then, he told to join the track team, I said yes, and told to myself why not? Because I…

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