Essay about Why Has America Stopped Winning Wars?

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In “Why has America Stopped Winning Wars?” Dominic Tierney argues that the US has been unable to win wars since 1945 because the world is so peaceful, the US is so powerful, and the remaining conflicts are “…the toughest and most unyielding internal struggles.” While Tierney’s major theme is compelling and deserves further investigation, the argument he makes in his article cannot stand on its own; he uses false premises, provides inadequate evidence to justify his argument, and uses fallacious logic throughout.
Tierney uses premises that need justification and evidence before being accepted. He asserts, “Since 1945, in terms of victory in a major war, the United States is one for five.” The first premise here is that the conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq (on two separate occasions), and Afghanistan are the five “major” wars that the United States was involved in since 1945. However, Tierney does not define what a major war is. He could have legitimately included the Cold War as a major war, since the US and the Soviet Union expended national capital and lived under the constant threat of nuclear war, even though no direct military confrontation occurred. Conversely, he could have also included any number of smaller military interventions including, but not limited to, those in Cuba (Bay of Pigs - 1961), Grenada (Operation Urgent Fury - 1983), Panama (Operation Just Cause - 1989), Haiti (Operation Uphold Democracy – 1994), and Serbia-Kosovo (Operation Allied Force -…

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