Essay about Why Girls Are Not Seek For Stem Fields And Careers

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Not very interested in social and humanity courses, I delivered, even from the beginning, really convincing performances in most of the practical courses, especially in science and mathematics. As a secondary school student, subjects requiring many calculations and experiments seemed very exciting for me, for instance, math, physics, trigonometry, geometry, and so forth. In contrast, most female pupils were seemingly interested in humanity, literature, and social fields, for most of them did not have the means to flourish their talent in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects and existence of many social barriers prevented them to improve in these fields. To clarify why girls are not willing to participate in STEM fields and careers, psychologists in the University of Missouri-Columbia have done a detailed research that announces some remarkable results. The research has been conducted on a wide scale and studied student’s performance in more than 60 countries with different social and economic conditions.
In “Girls more anxious about mathematics, STEM subjects compared to boys” researchers state that females less likely participate in STEM fields. The research found that gender inequality, indeed, does not justify women underrepresentation in STEM fields, since “sex differences” in these fields even exist in “more gender-equal countries”. The analysis reveal that level of “mathematics anxiety”, the state of having negative emotions about…

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