Why Females Develop A Low Self Esteem Essay

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Why Females Develop a Low Self-esteem when Neglected Over 40% of girls have self-confidence when they are 6th-grade, but this number plummets down to about 12% by the time they are in 10th-grade (Paquette). Girls are more likely to perform better than boys when they begin schooling. This potential gradually gets overshadowed by numerous life concerns as girls continue to grow up. Their academic levels slowly drop, and they soon start focusing on pleasing the society. Although all human beings are naturally social, ladies tend to have a stronger desire to be loved and respected than men. Girls who feel that the society does not give them enough attention always end up suffering from low-self esteem and consequently, depression. In an attempt to find out why females lose their self-esteem when they feel neglected, this essay established that the rampant sexualization of girls is the main reason for deteriorating self-esteem among girls. Just like in men, there is also a feeling of insufficiency that one gets when feels neglected; this too is a reason. The mental health of today’s women is affected immensely by the ever growing sexualization of girls and women. Sexualization, as explained by Curtin and Gaither, simply occurs when there is a belief that the primary values of a person emanate from their sexual appearance rather than other qualities like intelligence, kindness, and love (78). Girls have been made to believe that they are valuable and much more appreciated by the…

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