Essay on Why Ethics Are Important to Auditors

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A qualified person, who inspects the accounting records and the practices of an organization, is the basic definition of a Company Auditor.

In financial accounting, an audit is categorized by the self-governing evaluation of the justice by which a company's financial statements are presented and prepared by and to its supervisor. This task is largely performed by the trained, experienced, self-governed and intent persons, known as accountants or auditors. Auditors are on the whole very informed with every characteristic of auditing and they in turn matter a report known as auditor’s report. Since, the auditor acquire immense knowledge in their company and the marketplace in which the company operates, auditors are highly practiced to
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Ethics are a major need of today in the accounting as profession.

Accounting ethics in the field of accounting refers to the guiding principles (it contains decisions and ethical values) that officials are required to follow while preparing the accounts. Similar to the officials in law or medical field, the accounting officials also need to strongly stick to the ethics which have become a rule in accounting. The companies which opt for the services of an accounting official do not only rely on his skills and abilities but also on his professional uprightness. People using such accounting service from the skilled officials depend on their official’s capability to take part in decision making and also depends on the ethics followed.

It is because of the above reasons which have made the accounting officials to develop a code of conduct which is required to be followed by all the accountants. The fundamental nature of the ethics is defined by the way it is used. The ethical values or code of conduct entails an accounting official to maintain his high degrees of self discipline which makes it greater than legal boundaries. Whenever an accounting official is opted as a member of organizations such as IMA, IIA and CIA, they are expected to strictly work by the code of conduct and ethics followed.

The accounting officials are to be held

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