Why Does Discrimination Occur Within Society Today? Essays

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Why does discrimination occur in society today? Discrimination is the act of denying rights, equitable treatment, or access to facilities to an individual or group of people because of their defining characteristics. The belief that certain groups of individuals are better than others drives the existence of discrimination in society today. The image of discrimination most people have is inequalities within minority groups, however that is not the only type of discrimination occurring in society. Gender, employment, and racial are some of the various types of discrimination that occur within our society. Most people have come across some type of discrimination within their lifetime, whether it happened to them or someone they know. Certain characteristics a person exhibits are uncontrollable, for instance race and gender. These individuals cannot change these traits and must live with the constant discriminatory actions made against them. Discrimination can undermine someone’s dignity and make a person feel unequal within society or like an outsider. Individuals who experience discrimination often have feelings of fear, pain, and even anger as a result of the unequal treatment inflicted upon them. Discrimination is a social injustice issue we should care about because of the unfair treatment endured by workers in a work place, the inequality of opportunities based on ones gender, and the serious problem of violence inflicted onto different racial and ethnic groups.…

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