Why Do They Do: Possible Answers To Sexual Offenders Case Study

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Why do they do What They do: Possible Answers to Sexual Offenders Sexual offences have become a large part of today’s society. Nearly every day, men and women are being charged with crimes consisting of a sexual nature whether that be rape, child molestation, child pornography, a sexual encounter between a minor and an adult, and many more. Often times, the first kind of response to these types of offenses are hateful. There is a large failure to look at the offender for more than just their act between themselves and the minor. The larger question in today’s society should be what would possess someone to commit such an act? Is there legitimate reasoning behind these actions? Other questions become contributing factors such as: Does the offender display remorse for their actions and does the offender fully understand right from wrong? One must keep in mind that not all individuals who experience some form of abuse will be offenders themselves, however; these various studies, reports, and documents could help answer why sex offenders choose to partake in the illicit activity and other criminal activities.
The Facts “Nearly 63,000 cases of child sexual
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With many young girls who were sexually abused as children turning to risky sexual activity before the age of 15 (Wilon, Samuelson, Staudenmeyer, & Windom, 2015), many of the same adult women turn to prostitution as a means to an end. They are now at high risk for becoming a victim to sexual predators such as human traffickers, pimps, and sexually abusive “Johns.” Furthermore, women who were sexually abused as children tend to find themselves in a sexually abusive intimate relationship. Much like domestic violence, children are being exposed to IPV yet again, causing a continuous cycle of violence and abuse, as well as mental and physical issues that will affect the next

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