Informative Essay On Dingoes

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General Info
It’s body, legs and tail have golden fur, it’s feet, mouth, chest and belly are all white. It’s nose is black like most dogs and it has pointy up ears. The dingo lives in Australia and mainly lives in desserts but some live in grasslands and near forests. Dingoes often make their dens in abandoned rabbit holes. Most people know the Dingo as a native animal to only Australia similar to why people know the Kangaroo. They can rotate their paws unlike any other dog and they have the largest canine teeth. They mainly live up to 5-6 years but under human care they can live to up to 15 years. They are much smarter and independent than other dogs. Scientists believe that the dingo is the oldest breed dog in the world.

Why have the Dingoes
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a brother and a sister it can create a baby that has a mental or physical disability), hunting, government programs to kill dingoes (the government creates programs to kill dingoes as they cost people 50 million Australian dollars (R$138 million) in livestock losses per year.) Mainly, the dingo is becoming more endangered is because of breeding with other type of dogs, there are becoming less and less purebred dingoes alive. It is because of humans, other animals and themselves. European settlers (humans) brought another type of dog to Australia and it’s other dogs and their own fault that they are becoming extinct because they are mating with each other which creates a dingo and domestic dog cross …show more content…
Therefore we need dingoes in Australia to stay alive so the order can remain perfect. The breeding program is allowing more dingoes to be made and by letting other animals roam free around Frazer island, the food chain can remain how it is now.

Factor 2:
Economic Implication (negative)
The dingo costs farmers all together R$138 million a year which is why so many of them are dying out because farmers are killing them. There is really not much that The Frazer island program can do about that as they can’t save every dingo in Australia and it’s difficult for them to find all the purebred dingoes so that’s why they are breeding the ones they all ready have

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