Why Do People Need A Helping Hand? Essay

1190 Words May 6th, 2016 null Page
People tend to think they don’t need a helping hand when life changes. It is normal to get through hard times with others. The big question is “why do people need a helping hand?” Debbie Macomber is a romance novelist and is really good at writing novels that show characters going through rough times or scared to let someone into their life, and learning to accept that things will be ok. Two novels that stand out is Twenty Wishes and When They First Met. These two books are good examples of letting new people into your life for the better. And letting your guard down. People always question themselves whether to let their guard down or not. Scared they’d get hurt, scared people won’t care. Shouldn’t be scared to let someone change your life.
In this article Let Your Guard Down… and Charge Up Your Life by Karen Kimsey- House, she states “having emotions makes people feel vulnerable…”
That can be very true with most people. That’s why they push people away when people offer to help them. They pretend to act like they feel nothing, and that they are alright. It also says that the reason that we do that is because society teaches us that we need to keep it inside. Some people don’t understand that a lot of people close to them care what’s going on in there life. Keeping emotions inside and not expressing them can affect your health. And takes up a lot of energy. And hurt others as well as yourself. Your body responds to the way you think, feel and act. This is often called…

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