Why Do People Do Drug Use Drugs? Essay

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According to Fox News, a student named Austin Harrouff from FSU joined a long list of young people who had committed crimes such as cannibalism recently using a drug called “Flakka” or known as synthetic drugs. Also the CDC reported in August 2016 that state death was increased by 426 percent from 2013 to 2014. Why do people use drugs such as Flakka? This paper is used to explore why people do drug use.
What is a drug you may ask? Well a drug is “any chemical substance other than food or water that affects the mind or body (A. Goldstein, 1994) (Social Problems, 235). There are three different views or categories on how drugs can be defined or put under which is drug use, drug abuse and drug addiction. First, drug use which is the use of any type of chemical that can affect the way your body and mind work. When people talk about defining drugs we can include caffeine ad aspirin. That being said “almost everyone in the United States is a “user”” (Social Problems, 237). People takes drugs every day in the America such as Ritalin for hyper children, young adults/college students take pills to calm their hunger, and older adults/ people in their 50- 60s use pills to rejuvenate their own sexual function. People in the United States depend on “drugs to help them wake up, stay alert, to relax, to ease aches and pains, and to go to sleep’ (Social Problems, 237). There are actually 5 common reasons people use drugs. One is for therapeutic uses which means that it helps with medical…

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