Why Do Not Bring Shame From The Asian Part Of The World Essay

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do not want to bring shame to their family or scare their family’s name. This kind of deterrent is also seen heavily in the Asian part of the world.
In this part of rural Minnesota where there are so many small towns clustered together in such a short distant the share a many common necessities such as fire department support, law enforcement support and a common school. Lac Qui Parle Valley High School has roughly 820 student, 15 percent of which are Micronesian (approximately 123 students). The number is slightly higher when it comes to the students who attend the Appleton/Milan Head Start program at about 20 percent. With these numbers there is a definite language barrier between the students and the teachers. At this time the Head Start program has only one interpreter for the three classrooms at that grade level. Much of the English exposure these students receive is limited to in the classrooms and the surrounding communities, simply for the fact that their parents do not speak English at home because it was never taught to them.
This language barrier have always been an issue when it comes to law enforcement. There are hundreds of actions plans or trainings available to help combat the issue. However, no amount of training is going is going to solve all the issues language barriers present. Sure, officers can try to learn the native language of the surrounding communities as best as possible, but this would cost every department time and man power many in small…

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