Why Do I Want To Be A Criminal Defense Lawyer Essay

The life of a criminal defense lawyer is one of offering council and balancing cases. They usually start at the bottom of the scale with high ambitions while the ladder they climb tests their strength, and ability to stand in the world of law. Working upwards of seven to eight years to have a career in advancing the legal system is a large path that is not meant for those who are unsure about where they desire to work (Concord Law School, 2003). My dream is at first to be a criminal defense lawyer and then move on years upon years later into a larger role such as a Supreme Court Justice or an Attorney General. Going for these years to obtain my license as well as my Juris Doctorate will be well spent and well enjoyed. This is the information …show more content…
To fully entertain this question is to explain the day to day life of a lawyer and why I enjoy it all. Every day for them is long and arduous with their many thankless acts which lead to either a silent end or a blaze of glory for everyone on their end of the situation. First, after a morning of either sleepless hours from working or a good night of rest, a lawyer must go meet with their clients to give them an update on their case. Then the next part of a criminal defense lawyer’s job is highly dependent on where they are in the criminal justice process with each of their clients because usually, the defendant will handle a few different clients and act as a council and an advisor to said clients (Bureau of Labor Statistics). So, with each client, they will travel around or have said clients come to their office for a variety of reasons dealing with the crime or the case. This uncertainty in schedule makes it hard to fully dictate the day of a lawyer, they are a type of servant to their clients and must operate on that idea. Another set of things that a criminal defense lawyer would typically do would be to oversee the work of support staff and file documentation as needed (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015) This part of a criminal defense attorney’s job is the advisor side of their work. They want to oversee everything to ensure the best possible outcome in their situation. With such a large dependency placed on the lawyer, I can see why there is a large amount of education needed. 7 or 8 years seems like a perfect amount for a starting position considering the large amounts of laws as well as learning how to conduct every inch of the criminal justice system. However, these are the few responsibilities of a lawyer. There is no set schedule and the hours are the same as in they are not set. A lawyer has objectives that he much complete as soon as he can to move the criminal justice system further along as to

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