Essay on Why Did You Run Away From Me?

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That was not as awful as Percival had imagined. “I see. Forgive me if this is an inappropriate question, but how do you know that for sure?” He was no expert in women’s reproduction, but he had heard many stories about women being declared barren only to go on and have healthy children.

A hot-red tint climbed up Fleur’s neck and settled on her cheeks. “I don’t have a regular woman’s cycle. When I was sixteen, I went to the midwife. She examined me and said my womb is not right. It’s too small and not angled properly.”

“That must be upsetting for you. You said how you love children. But I don’t understand why that made you so sad last night. Why did you run away from me?”

“Percival, let’s be realistic; no man wants a woman who can’t bear children. I can never marry. It would not be fair, so I keep my distance from men. You’re the first I have gotten close to. Ever. Not that you would want to marry me!” she added hastily.

But he would. And regardless of her inability to carry children, he still wanted her. But how to say this without scaring her off, or sounding like a needy, love-struck fool?

“Fleur…” He threaded his fingers through hers and squeezed. “From the moment you toppled into my arms last week, I felt something for you. It was immediate and overpowering. I am sorry you can’t carry a child, truly, but I still… care for you and would very much like to be part of your life.”

And I love you. And hope I can convince you to marry me, he thought, but kept those…

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