Importance Of Holocaust Testimony

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How reliable are testimonies of the Holocaust?

1. Coady, C.A.J, Testimony: A Philosophical Study, (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1992).
I chose this secondary source as Coady provides a broad outlook on testimonies, attempting to provide a definition, or in this case multiple. Throughout the book Coady defends testimonies, arguing that they are a great source of knowledge and help aid our understanding of events. Thus, this source will be helpful in providing a clear definition, when discussing the reliability of Holocaust testimonies in the essay.

2. Cohen, Boaz, and Beate Müller, ‘A Teacher and his Students: Child Holocaust Testimonies from Early Postwar Polish Bytom’, East European Jewish Affairs 46 (2016), 68-115.
I chose this article as
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Gross, Jan T., ‘One Line at a Time’, Poetics Today 27 (2006), 425-429.
This secondary source provides an interesting perspective on Holocaust testimonies. Gross makes a case that one can never fully understand the horror the Jews went through. However, argues that testimonies are reliable and should be taken on a case by case basis, as each provides a unique account of the events witnessed. Gross, specializes in the Holocaust, his mother saved many Jews from extermination, thus it is not surprising that he stresses the importance of understanding the truth of the event using testimonies.
6. Henry Greenbaum, ‘Attempting Escape from a Slave Labour Camp’, 26th August 2009, [accessed on 24/10/2017]
I chose this podcast/transcript from Henry Greenbaum, as it provides a testimony from a survivor of the Holocaust. Greenbaum, describes his attempt to escape from a slave labour camp in Poland, with his sister and a Jewish Policeman; both of whom were shot. I believe this will be a credible source for my essay, supporting the argument that testimonies are reliable, as it comes from a survivor who witnessed the shootings of close family
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Horowitz, Sara R., ‘Rethinking Holocaust Testimony: The Making and Unmaking of the Witness’, Cardozo Studies in Law and Literature 4 (1992), 45-68.
I chose Horowitz’s article on Holocaust testimonies, as she argues testimonies; especially those written, do not have the same effect as the event that took place. Horowitz, contends that those who did survive are not true witnesses, as the ones that are, are dead. Thus, her article will be beneficial in my argument that testimonies are in fact unreliable, as they do not come from ‘true’

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